Guilty Pleasure

So I like celebrity gossip.  Sue me.  I like to see who is wearing what, and to hear about what foolishness people are doing.  One of my favorite blogs, The YBF, keeps me laughing.  The owner Natasha Eubanks, recently had an interview with Brand Maker News.  In the interview she discusses how she changed her personal brand from law student to professional blogger, her blogging strategies, and what celebrities she thinks have total control over their personal brands.  I might add that she has been extremely successful.  Started in 2005, lists the blog as currently being worth close to $250,000.00.  I’d say Natasha is one smart woman!  Take a look at the article and tell me what you think.


One response to “Guilty Pleasure

  1. I have been reading The YBF for four years! It is my favorite celebrity blog. It is very entertaining.

    And I must say, I admire Natasha for how long she has been in the blogging business. Her hard work has paid off.

    Not too long ago, she was featured in Black Enterprise magazine. I believe her net worth is at million dollars now.

    Success stories focusing on women are always an inspiration and motivator to me in pursuing my own business endeavors.

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