Do Over!

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As a new decade begins, and we reminisce about 2009, many of us make New Year’s resolutions only to give up by early spring.  I usually make resolutions but this year I am taking a different approach.  I recently read an article on entitled, “Stop Trying to Get Rich!”  In the article, John Hope Bryant said that the economy is not in a recession but a reset.  I agree.  So as I reset, start over, and begin again, I think about the new cycle that has begun.  What will it bring?  What do I want to accomplish?  What will I experience?

Instead of making a list of new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to create a theme for 2010.  My theme is authenticity.  It is at the very foundation of building a successful personal brand.  If it isn’t honest and true, it will not work in the long run.   Knowing that, I want to make sure that every step I take is one of purpose and truth for myself.   One can reevaluate their position at any time of the year but the beginning of a decade is as an awesome time of year to get motivated!

So, grab a fresh piece of paper, take a deep breath, and clear your mind.  What do you want to do?  Who do you want to be?

George Elliot was right when he said “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”  So in 2010, reset your brains and your spirits.  What will your authentic and true personal brand be?  Tell me what you’re thinking.


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