Super Sweets – Desiree Rogers

Last week Desiree Rogers was named CEO of the Johnson Publishing Company, the largest African-American publishing company in the world.  She will now be in charge of Ebony and Jet magazines.  I stopped reading both of these magazines some time ago but now I may start again.  Why?  Because I have the strong sense that Ms. Rogers, former White House Social Secretary, former Director of the Illinois State Lottery, and Harvard MBA, has something to teach me.

I’ve already learned a lot from Ms. Rogers.  She has taught me how to leave a job with grace and class, that it is ok to be stylish and smart, and that you can work hard and still love what you do.  If through all of her accomplishments, Vogue Magazine can notice that Ms. Rogers makes “executive and chic coexist”, than surely I can revamp my professional attire.

If Ms. Rogers can plan 370 events for the President of this country in one year, than surely I can balance work and school.  (See her interview last month here.)

I’m certainly going to enjoy watching her career grow and flourish.  I will also be taking notes in the process!  It should be celebrated that a woman can indeed have what she strives for.  At fifty years old, Ms. Rogers is just getting started.

As Chief Marketing Officer for People’s Energy in Chicago, she honed her skills as a marketing whiz.  She was later criticized for saying that the Obama Brand is the “best brand in the world.”  I couldn’t agree more.  A year working for the ground breaking Obama administration is an experience that none of us could pay for.  The knowledge that she must have!

I’m excited to see what she will do in the future.  The idea that she has been able to conduct herself with dignity and class throughout her recent transition, shows me that anything is possible.  In addition, Ebony and Jet magazines could certainly use a makeover.  I can’t wait to see the changes she has in store for the publishing empire.  It can’t go anywhere but up!


2 responses to “Super Sweets – Desiree Rogers

  1. She defines the modern woman..Looking forward to seeing the changes she brings to the mags.

  2. To be able to overcome adversity, and still rise to the top, all done with dignity and a style of grace, is a wonderful example to set forth for all women.

    I am very impressed by Desiree Rogers, and look forward to learning more about her.

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