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I’m currently reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.  I picked it up thinking it would have small financial tips but instead I find myself reading little golden nuggets about how to accomplish all of my goals and not just financial aspirations.  One recurring them is the act of living in the present.  In one section, the author says,

“Whatever your action is to be, it is evident that you must act NOW.  You cannot act in the past, and it is essential to the clearness of your mental vision that you dismiss the past from your mind.  You cannot act in the future, for the future is not here yet.  And you cannot tell how you will want to act in any future contingency until that contingency has arrived.”

Live in the now!  Whatever you financial goals are, even if they seem impossible, start where you are.  Look at people whose careers you aspire to mimic.  They all started somewhere.  Some people started with less and some people started with more. The point is to keep going.  There are times when I want to save for something or buy something and I think to myself, “Well let me wait until…”  This may not always be the best strategy.  I am certainly not saying to be frivolous.  I am saying that it is easy to procrastinate endlessly and never get anywhere.  To stop that cycle, we all must live in the NOW.

I will do a Branding Sweets Book Review when I finish reading the book.  In the meantime, what have you been putting off for later that you should really do now? (Financial or otherwise.)  Have you been delaying running your credit report?  Have you been meaning to renegotiate an interest rate?  Have you been planning on setting up direct deposit to save money automatically?  What prevents you from getting started?  Lastly, what can Branding Sweets do to get you going?


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