Scarcity is a Myth

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I’ve always thought scarcity was a myth.  The idea that there are limits to things I can have or do simply because someone else may have them doesn’t sit well with me.  As I mentioned here, I recently read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.  Although Mr. Wattles died in 1911,  100 years later he is still on to something.  This book is not just about obtaining wealth, but it is a handbook that can walk you through whatever goals you may have and how to achieve them.

Now back to scarcity, in Mr. Wattles’s book he says that people should not concentrate on being competitive, but instead on being creative.  By following your own mind, heart, and spirit, you will attract what you are looking for.  It does not matter if someone else has what you want.  It does not matter if you haven’t seen it done before.  If you focus, apply yourself, and keep your mind clear, you will inevitably meet your goal.  Sounds simple right?  Wrong.  Getting your mind to focus on your goal is the key.  How easy is it for you to think about one thing at a time?

Of course the overall synopsis of the book cannot be simplified in the above few sentences.  However, reading this book resonated with me because I find in corporate america, people are unnecessarily competitive.  Of course one must compete in order to climb the corporate ladder, but I believe knowing when to compete and when to simply focus on yourself is more than half the battle.

For example, this past week I witnessed some coworkers try to compete their way into a manager’s good graces.  As I watched from the sidelines, it dawned on me that they were going about things the wrong way.  If they all would simply focus on their own productivity, work product, image, and reputations, they might get to where they want to be without all of the manipulation and sneaky tactics.  One person was so focused on their competition, that they forgot to finish a very important project.  Not good.

This reminded me of the importance of focusing and not getting easily distracted.  I know that I have talked about the power of focusing here before but this theme keeps resurfacing.  Quiet your mind and put your blinders on.  Envision your goal.  Draw all of the details in your mind.  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Now don’t let that picture go until you get there.


One response to “Scarcity is a Myth

  1. I totally agree with you that we all need to quiet our minds, but I also believe that the mind needs to be de-cluttered. It processes so much, from the Important to the Absolutely Absurb, it is wonder that we as a society aren’t all trying to commit ourselves.

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