Your Brand vs. Branding

I recently read this article by Deborah Shane entitled “5 Ways Your Brand and Branding Define You.”  She gave five excellent tips to keep in mind while managing your brand and relates it to well-known corporate brands.  Her definitions of brand and branding really resounded with me.  She says,

Your brand is you: who you are, what you do, what you stand for, your DNA personality.

“Your branding is what you do: every way you put your brand in action to create associations with you…”

I think that might be one of the most clear and concise definitions of brand and branding I have ever read.  As you work towards building and maintaining your personal brand, (keeping in mind that you must do this every day because the internet and information moves faster than a blink of an eye), what is your brand and what is your branding?  How do you use your branding to build your brand?

As I read Ms. Shane’s words, I realize I have some work to do.  I better get to it! What about you?


2 responses to “Your Brand vs. Branding

  1. This is truly a continous process that those who care about themselves and their image(brand, branding) will be committed to. The question is how committed are we? Thank you for the food for thought. I have to get working.

    • Even if a person hasn’t been committed, they need to get committed. A person who doesn’t actively define themselves will be defined by those around them. More often than not, that definition will be wrong. Better to paint your picture than to have the world paint the wrong picture of you.

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