Michelle Obama Covers More Magazine

Michelle Obama covers the February 2012 issue of More Magazine.  I am not a subscriber to this magazine but when I saw the picture, I just had to pick up a copy!  I think this is one of the best cover photographs of the First Lady that I have ever seen.  She looks radiant and happy.

In the article, Mrs. Obama describes her campaign to build self-confidence in young women through her mentorship campaign.  The program pairs quietly selected teenage girls with senior female advisors in the President’s administration.  The goal is to not only motivate the young ladies, but to truly show them that anything is possible.  The young ladies are able to build one-on-one relationships with women who understand where they are in life and who can help them get to where they want to go.  The goal is to help the ladies understand that their dreams are not abstract and are totally attainable.  This program sounds like a well needed initiative.  I’m proud of the First Lady and all of the women in the Obama Administration for participating in this program.

Pick up the February issue of More Magazine to read the entire article.


One response to “Michelle Obama Covers More Magazine

  1. She looks beautiful and as usual, spearheading another great initiative!

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