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Love Redefined

Dumplin looking into m

Dumplin and mommy

Motherhood is truly the rebirth of a woman.  People focus their attention on a new bundle of joy that has entered the world. But look at the mom… She has a new spark in her eye.  Her world has changed…forever.  The blinders are gone.  Rose colored lenses are no more.  She sees things crystal clear.  I’m consumed with this new role called “Mother” and won’t be writing on this blog anymore.  My love has been redefined as Mother.  I’m filled with thoughts of showing my daughter who and what she can be.  She’s only one but I need to get the thoughts out now.  Maybe she’ll get it when she’s older.  Maybe she will understand all of the lessons I will try to instill in her.  Maybe, just maybe, we will see eye to eye. For now, I’ll just blog about it.  I hope she’ll thank me later. Want to read my letters to her?  Click below.

Dear Dumplin