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Why You Should Be Watching Scandal

ABC’s Scandal

I crave network television that portrays women of color as more than a video vixen, a brawling bully, or a somebody’s materialistic wife.  My wish has been granted in ABC’s new television series Scandal.   Based on real life crisis manager Judy Smith, Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope in the drama.

March 2012 Essence Magazine. Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, and Judy Smith

I can’t express enough how much I love this show.  It’s intelligent, slick, intriguing, and plain old juicy T.V.  I had a hard time finding a show that would replace 24, but I’ve now find it.  Are you watching Scandal?  If you aren’t, here’s my reasons why you should be:

  • It is the only network television show where the lead character is a woman of color.
  • Kerry Washington ALWAYS looks fab.  Did you see the Tory Burch jacket last week?  Or the Calvin Klein dress?  As a paralegal, I love to see fabulous professional clothes and this show gives me a weekly dose of fabulosity.
  • Watching an intelligent female lawyer go head to head with the world’s most powerful people, is much better, and WAY more creative than watching people fight on reality television.
  • It was created by the awesome Shonda Rhimes of Gray’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge fame.
  • It’s just good TV!!!

Do you watch Scandal?  Tell me what you think of it!!!!